Member card
Member card

Card Benefits

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Get Discount
Get up to 50% of the shops in the shopping center with over 250 shops and 14 restaurants the top five.
collection point
Collect Point Program
Reward Points with every purchase, the purchase price and a discount of more than 900 stores. Every 25 bahtget 1 point : Get Special Reward points at scheduled redemption exclusive selection for you.
Platinum Lounge
Relax, enjoy the view and issued only to prepare the drink. Magazines welcomes you The campaign's Web Tier 1 Central Coast.
Exclusive Parking
Convenient parking with extra parking ready for an additional four hours at G floor, Central Coast
Enjoy Activities
Been privileged to participate in the shopping center. First held
Free Newsletter
Free Future Focus magazine to be delivered to your home every month.



  1. 15 years old
  2. Apply three ways
    1. collect receipts / invoices in the stores in the shopping center's 30,000 baht or more within 15 days free subscription.
    * Note: The receipt can not be applied to the product category gold frame him, Jewery, Robinson, Big C, Home Pro, Index Livingmall, Tops Market, B2S, Super Sport, Power Buy, HomeWorks and goods yard clearance. News / bill introduced subscription.
  3. Card valid for 2 years
    • If the member has a rating of 100 points that year to the company will renew for free.
    • Fees for Renewal / Replacement Card. If the card is lost or damaged, 200 baht.
    • Card Renewal Must be taken within three months from the date of expiration. If the overdue need to complete a new application.


  1. Total purchases from stores inside the shopping center every 25 baht get 1 point.
  2. Membership card With ID Card And receipt from the store within the shopping center. For all the points At the information desk, G Floor receipt categories except the gold frame, Jewery, Robinson, Big C, Home Pro, Index Livingmall, Tops Market, B2S, Super Sport, Power Buy, HomeWorks and goods yard promotions.
  3. If those points Not a member card ID cards must be shown by the card owner.
  4. Limited reward of up to 100,000 baht / day / person.


  1. Show your membership card and identification card. To redemptions The reception class G (not redeem others).
  2. We reserve the right to change the prizes of equivalent value without prior notice.
  3. The redemption must be in a specified period only. After the specified period will assume the existing void.
  4. Try to cheat to get it. Or for the purpose of accumulating points. Or whether it's just redeem all or part of Future Park. Can be regarded as a reason to consider switching. Or those accumulated points The cancellation of the status of the cardholder such states.
* Note: Do not store in the shopping center staff. Participating Register / points / redemptions. The service can not be exercised, VIP Parking E-STAMP discount fee in all cases.