Laem Charoen Seafood

“Laem Charoen Seafood” Happiness

Deep Fried Sea Bass with Fish Sauce was first introduced by Laem Charoen Seafood more than 35 years ago and this legendary dish has been popular ever since. Laem Charoen Seafood serves seafood dishes with Thai identity. Its menu items and Quality are unique and have impressed the locals and foreigners alike. Many seafood menu items are very creative including its famous signature dish, Deep Fried Sea Bass with Fish Sauce. Our business philosophy focuses on product reliability and customer satisfaction. We use only the best available raw materials for our cooking with special attention to freshness, cleanliness, meticulousness and standardization. These guarantee our customers with palatability and nutrition they deserve, in a comfortable atmosphere. Laem Charoen Seafood has served the public using such approaches for more than three decades.

Now open at Gourmet Park, G Floor, Central Zone